Curriculum Enrico Castellano

Enrico (born in 1953, married, 3 sons) holds a Magna cum Laude degree in Electronic Engineering from Turin Politecnico. He worked for a short period as a researcher in Space Communication and then, since 1980, he spent his whole career in Accenture (at that time Arthur Andersen Management Consulting, then Andersen Consulting).
Since 1989 he has been one of the Partners who developed the global consulting, technology and outsourcing firm in Italy. He focused on the innovation of Management Control practices and in back-office efficiency to support Company transformation (focusing on Manufacturing Sector in the 80's and 90's and in Communications since 1997).
After retirement in late 2004, he started to be involved in several types of investments, both profit and non-profit, with a major focus on his local community (mainly in the hospitality and environmental areas). Among these, the most significant project was the transformation of an old mansion, located in the Fossano's historical center, in a small luxury accommodation facility. The project was started in 2005, in 2009 the Restaurant, the Lounge Bar and the Conference Center were opened, and in mid 2011 honel rooms are planned to be available.
Another worth mentioning initiative is the co-foundation of the Cibele Publishing House, of which Enrico is President. The main focus of Cibele is to tell, mainly through photography, stories of men and their culture. Six books were published between 2009 and 2010.
He actively cooperates with the Accenture Alumni Association (he is the leader for North-West Italy), being involved in initiatives to promote the development of innovative companies and talent in Italy.
After being involved in the Partnership for Growth program from US Embassy in Italy and having known the American Business Angel approach, in late 2007 he has been one of the 9 co-founders of the business angels group "Italian Angels for Growth", committed to develop innovative and high potential entrepreneurial projects, through financing and start-up assisting. In a very short time it has become the most important Business Angels group in Italy.
From 2008 he's also co-founder and partner of Trustech, a consulting firm in the nanotechnology field, with the aim of creating business and entrepreneurial opportunities for the Italian research in this field.