Curriculum Vincenzo Armaroli

Chief Executive and Founding Partner of 4changing, is concerned with business consulting, in particular regarding organizational and HR themes. Mainly inside the Telecom Italia Group he developed a wide experience in Italy and in the international context in the management of large business entities and in the direction of important transformation and change management processes.

From 1976 to 2007 he worked for Telecom Italia, where, soon promoted to manager, held the position of Trade-union and International Relationships Director and, in the human resources area, Manager of International and Commercial Division, Datacom, Network, Services, Social and Environmental Policies. Afterwards he became General Manager of Tess (Telecom Group company deputed of the management of administrative personnel services).

He also served as a director on various Boards: Stet International, Retevision Foundation (Spain), Iri Consortium for international formation, Accenture HR Services.
He was President of Emsa Services (society which attends to the group’s facility management), of Assilt and Assida (supplementary sanitary associations for employees and managers of the group). At the present time he is Board Member of Caf Italia 2000.

Inside Telecom he took part to the realization of all significant merger and acquisition operations, to outsourcing and delocalization projects – also at an international level – and, in general, to the great transformations of the group.

He graduated in Law from La Sapienza University, Rome.